NFL Week 5 Best Bets w/ Brob

Saints (-3) vs. Bucs

It is irresponsible to not put money on Teddy Bridgewater after these last two weeks. The Saints beat the Seahawks (ON THE ROAD) and then beat the undefeated Cowboys at home last week. Bridgewater doesn’t have to play outside his comfort zone with the way the Saints defense is playing. Also, I guarantee Jameis Winston throws at least one pick 6. There are three things you can count on in this world:

  1. The Falcons suck and will fuck you over. (Unrelated, but still fuck the Falcons)
  2. Taxes
  3. Jameis Winston throwing pick 6’s.

Even in MADDEN…

Take the Saints (-3)

Jags (+3) @ Panthers

Here we are again…

If you rode with me on the Minshew train last week, hop on board because we are going for another ride. The man, the myth, the mustache, Gardener Minshew II, is taking the Jags to the playoffs this year (that’s right) and he will continue on his journey to rookie of the year by taking down the red hot Cam Newton-less panthers. Take the Jags +3 and if you’re feeling frisky (like myself) don’t be afraid to take the Jags moneyline. #InGardenerWeTrust

Brob’s moneyline Parlay of the Week:

Chargers, Eagles, Patriots, Cardinals, Chiefs, Ravens to win straight up

Chargers to beat the Broncos, Eagles to beat the Jets, Pats to beat the Redskins, Cardinals to beat the Bengals, Chiefs to beat the Colts, and Ravens to beat the Steelers. Do you hear that? That’s the sound of Brob’s parlay lock of the week. Low risk, high reward. Let’s ride.



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