Craving Sports? Me too

Corona virus came for the sports world and went for the head. The NBA, NHL, MLB and college tournaments have all been cancelled. March Madness has been taken away from us for the first time since 1939. This sucks. So, to help everyone out as we try to make the time go by until sports return, here are some classic moments across sports guaranteed to make today a little better.

Klay Thompson’s 41 points in Game 6 vs OKC

Remember when Klay Thompson ended the Oklahoma City Thunder as a franchise. Good times.


Butler vs Duke 2010 National Championship Game

One of the best games of basketball I can remember. The origin of Brad Stevens and many more! God damn I still wish that Hayward shot went in.

2004 ALCS Game 4: Yankees vs Red Sox

Big Papi… that is all.


2000 Western Conference Finals Game 7: Lakers vs Blazers

Kobe to Shaq. The greatest alley oop we will ever see. Miss you Kobe


2011 NBA Finals: Mavericks vs Heat

I was going to lie and say the reason I included this video was because of how great Dirk played, but we know that’s not true. MJ> Lebron


2015 ALDS Game 5: Blue Jays vs Rangers

Jose Bautista with a HOF bat flip. God damn sports are the greatest.

2009 NBA Playoffs: Celtics vs Bulls Game 6

Rondo fights with Kirk Heinrich and Brad Miller! Ray Allen goes off! Rookie Derrick Rose! 3 overtimes!!!! FUCK I am going to miss basketball.

That concludes tonight’s journey. Hope you join me next time. Stay safe. Love you guys.

— Brob

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