Episode 24: NFL Draft, Herbert to Chargers, The Last Dance, and Captain America 1 Breakdown

On today’s episode of The Pineapple Couch w/ Brob, I am joined by Big Dawg to discuss the Chargers selecting Justin Herbert in the NFL draft, Jameis Winston signing with the Saints and others NFL draft stories. (0:00- 23:23)


Then, I am joined by Alex Kanter and Michael Frank to talk about episodes 3 + 4 of “The Last Dance, the future of the eastern conference, Westworld season 3 and some quarantine recommendations. (23:23- 74:36)


Lastly, I am joined by Peter Gonzalez to talk about Captain America: The First Avenger as we continue our MCU rewatch here on The Pineapple Couch. (74:36- 100:38)


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