Craving Sports? Me too: Part 2

Sports will be gone from our lives for the foreseeable future, so I will continue to put out some memorable highlights to help bring some joy in this shitty time.

Tracy McGrady scores 13 points in 35 seconds vs. Spurs

T Mac! 13 points in 35 seconds against the Spurs. Tracy McGrady was one of the best scorers of all time and imagine what he might have done in an offensive heavy era like we have right now (no hand checking!!).


2007 Eastern Conference Finals Game 5: Cavs @ Pistons

Lebron James coming out party. We all knew Lebron was going to be great, but this confirmed it. Basically a one man machine taking down one of the best defensive teams and one of the toughest teams in NBA history. Don’t say I never said anything nice about Lebron.


1986 Eastern Conference 1st Round Game 2: Bulls @ Celtics

MJ dropping a playoff career high of 63 against Larry Bird and the 86 Celtics. MJ may not have assumed his throne yet, but he was coming.


1993 Western Conference Finals Game 5: Sonics @ Suns

The round mound of rebound! The Chuckster with a triple double and the win! I know everyone always jokes about how he doesn’t have a ring (including me), but my god… Charles Barkley was a god damn animal and seems like he would be the perfect “small ball five” in the modern era.


1979 NCAA Basketball National Championship Game: Michigan State vs Indiana State

The OG Bird- Magic matchup. The two most iconic basketball players of the 80s facing off for the first time. What a treat!

Full Game:


Hope this helps ease the pain of Sports being gone. (Yes I know their are much bigger problems going on)

Love you guys

— Brob


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